Change and me?

Where do I fit into a world where rapid changes precede my wildest thoughts? In the 20th century a vision for the future could easily be established and confirmed.  To gradually and systematically follow this vision spread over 30 years, was not strange at all. Today however, it does not fit the modern society profile.  Our world became a intensely dynamic environment. Years ago, Stability was mainly based on the individual’s job, environment and financial position.

The projection at the moment is, that children currently at school, will change jobs at least twenty times in their life time. Therefor we need to seek stability in a total different place. We need now to seek it within.  Stability has to become an inner quality.  Let’s face it, the world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. The psychologists determined that women need stability more than men and perform optimally as mothers and companions, if their financial security and safety is guaranteed.

As women we have so much to offer when it comes to the qualities needed to find stability within – we find it in intuition, creativity, openness, courage, endurance, passion (not the one on the back of the seat at the drive in!), faith and commitment.

We may not feel to confident about the future because of frequent, rapid or continuous changes, because of technology or new development, at least we can easily say: “There is nothing permanent except, CHANGE!”; but confidence needs to be sought in other venues.”

People sitting around at boardroom table in endless meetings, visionless, indicating that they are a 100 percent all for progress but however resisting CHANGE, will not keep up with the demands made to the human race of this century.

To achieve the highest goal, isn’t necessarily “success” for the ladder we climb needs to stand against the right wall! Our vision for the future determines our daily lifestyle.  Destinies became new beginnings.

We are a creative species.  We have to creatively visualize our new beginnings. My vision needs to be visualized as with my kick-start! This exercise makes it very exciting and easier to understand when explained to the people closest to us, our friends and family.

Visualizing your future makes it easier to understand where you’re heading. 
We need to get out of our thinking blocks and broaden our boundaries when drawing a picture of the future.  To live without a vision that has no picture, is to perish and not even know it.  Life is to be lived passionately and colorfully!

We are just so preoccupied with the quiz of “where do I fit in now?  Everything is changing and I don’t even feel too confident about who I am anymore.  Who am I then?” At least we know this: “The world seems to be changing so fast nowadays you couldn’t stay wrong all the time even if you tried!”

How should I then look at “change”.  Firstly you will have to choose to see it as positive energy to be used to enhance or awaken the God given qualities within you.

C-    Challenge the new situation. Face it!
H-    Hope - to speak Hope into your future on the grounds of God who says:” He holds the universe in the palm of His hand!”  
A-    Attitudes to be altered by choice
N-     Negatives turn to Positivity (Who are the people I surround myself with?)
G-    Goals to be visualized
E-    Energy, enthusiasm, excited! 

These are the miracles that will just happen as soon as I see CHANGE for what the Boardroom fellow sees it… NO!

This is the Beauty that CHANGE will bring into your life if you choose daily, to adapt to CHANGE with the God given potential within you. 

“The greatest discovery of every generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind”

     -Always be content with what you have but never with what you are –

Do it now…Change….make peace with it!